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"Never say die". This phrase in song, film and literature reminds us that some things are worth keeping. So it is with Classic Motorcycles of yesteryear; timeless expressions in steel and chrome.

Cytech understands this and is committed to keeping BMW Classics like the R27, R50, R60, R65, R69, R75, R80, R90 and R100 on the road. The Technical Staff understands the linage of OEM Equipment for all Models to ensure an authentic restoration. Their Suppliers and craftsmen in all industries, built up over decades and countless projects completes the Restoration Team.

Owners of Cytech restored Motorcycles can confidently enjoy the freedom of the open road as the idiosyncrasies of each Model are well understood by the Cytech team.

Customisation projects of Classic Motorcycles are also undertaken to specification.
Our Classic Services Include:
  • Complete Restorations
  • Semi Restorations
  • Servicing
  • Wheel Assembly
  • Spare Parts
  • Tyres
  • Classic Bikes for sale